Classical Interiors

Classically inspired interiors draw inspiration from the past and express a timeless aesthetic. 

This project is a good example of how we approach a traditional interior.

The furniture has been designed by the team at Angel Martin and made to our specifications by time served artisans in the UK using traditional techniques.

The Dining Room

Every element within this room was carefully considered and the quality of materials and craftsmanship were of the highest standards. When you combine a passion for design with the skill of a time served craftsman the results transcend the limitations of interior design and become works of art in their own right. 


Dining Table & Chairs

Each chair was formed using a hardwood frame and upholstered using traditional techniques. The finest leathers selected and studded by hand. As an added detail a handle was added to the top of the frame to allow guests to chairs out easily. 

The dining table itself was veneered by hand using cross-banding techniques with inlaid ebony. Quarter sectioned bookmatched burr walnut veneers were applied to the surface creating an elegant unique pattern.


The Chandelier

We chose a silver cast chandelier as the center piece for the Dining Room. The piece was a stunning example of French Baroque at it's very best and complimented the classical elegance of the room perfectly.

The frame was re-plated to reinstate it back to it's former glory and the chain couples to a bespoke designed ceiling rose that conceals a lift mechanism that allows the chandelier to be lowered for cleaning and maintenance. 

The following slide show looks at other areas within the property where our designs have been combined with traditional techniques to create timeless interiors paying homage to the past but creating rooms that fulfill the clients brief perfectly.